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From One Badass Woman to Another!

After having the opportunity last night to speak to some girls and young women about breaking barriers to enter a typically male dominated field, setting big goals and encouraging each other, I wanted to pop on with a bit of an intro to who I am and how I got to where I am!

If you've made it this far, I think it's a safe bet that you know a little bit about me, or at least who I am! Kathryn here - or Coach Katt as my clients and colleagues call me.

How did I get started?

Since I was younger I always knew I wanted to help people, but never knew what that would look like. A teacher? A psychologist? A Developmental Service Worker (this is what I did for 4 years after graduation)? I've always been an active person, but had never thought of taking that and my love of working with people and turning it into a career. After a suggestion from the trainer I had worked with, I got my certification and took the leap!

What began with a desire to help people be more active, I now find myself with a deep passion for women's health and being an advocate for change in the industry of health and fitness (especially when it comes to women). There is so much more to women and fitness than the vicious dieting cycle, overemphasis on hours of cardio and the need to be a certain size to be worthy and loved. I am thankful the dialogue is changing but we need to do better.

What do I do now?

In 2014, I found myself pregnant with my daughter. Over the 2 previous years I had worked so hard to get the body and develop the strength I had. Cue my "athlete brain" kicking in full force: don't lose your progress, be the badass pregnant women in the gym, do as much as you can for as long as you can, prove you're better than others. This lead to doing things that I certain could, but definitely shouldn't have done.

After her birth in 2015 at 41w4d pregnant and a 4 hour delivery, I felt like a badass. I had an "easy pregnancy and delivery" and that was all "due to my fitness level." Or so I thought. 3 months postpartum I resumed exercising that was more than walking. My focus was on "getting my body back" and increasing my strength again. I jumped back in ready to smash it, but little did I know how much my body had really been affected by my pregnancy.

I soon found myself unable to squat, deadlift or run without wearing a pad in my underwear and the possibility of peeing my pants. But that's normal for mom's who've had kids right? Well that's what we're told. While this is common among women (especially those who've given birth), it is NOT normal.

Through the power of social media, I found Girls Gone Strong and Brianna Battles of Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism - MIND BLOWN! I was bound and determine to become educated on all things pregnancy and postpartum, how it relates to exercise and what I can do to coach women through that period of their life (and beyond) in a way that I wish I had have had.

I am now a proud coach to many women and moms who want to focus on becoming the best version of themselves by making their health, fitness and mindset a priority. We're breaking the cycle of take care of everyone else before you take care of yourself. After all you can't pour from an empty cup!

Tackling taboo topics, changing the narrative and guiding women to be the badass human beings that they are lights my freaking soul on fire! Thank you to all the women who inspire me daily, who give me the opportunity to help them find the fierce woman inside of them and who aren't afraid to show it to the world. You're the real MVP!

With love and health,

Coach Katt

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