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It's no secret that #MOMLIFE is hard. Whether your children are babies or have grown up and are now out in the world on their own, once you become a parent, your priorities change.

When my oldest was born in 2015, I began the journey into motherhood, both beautiful and challenging. Finding the balance between being her mom and not losing myself wasn't easy. I began working on myself and my health, soon realizing that me and my new body would need a different type of care and attention than what I had used in the past. Those experiences led me to certifications and education that would help me serve those who were just like I was.

Fast forward to today and I have become the coach I wish I had in my corner back then - one with knowledge of the pregnant and postpartum body, the complexities of being a mom and the compassion to see that things are not so black and white when it comes to building a healthy lifestyle.

Home: About Me

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clients have to say! 

In 2020, I began participating in small group classes with Kathryn.   I approached her at the gym and expressed my interest in the small group classes. She was friendly, informative and gave me 100% of her attention.  It quickly became apparent that she has an extensive knowledge of health & fitness. 


One of the many things I love about Kathryn is she is always furthering her education within the fitness & health field.   With her constant learning she in turn shares new and fun things with her clients which makes the classes enjoyable.  She makes herself available for any concerns or questions that you may have at all times.  Also, within in a very short time she knew my capabilities better than I did!  


Because of Kathryn I am much more confident in my workouts and the results have followed.  Kathryn is a beautiful soul and I am proud and honoured to be coached by her.

Carolynn Griffin

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I was introduced to Kathryn through Kettlebell training. She is extremely knowledgeable in regards to the human body & its movements. She has an incredible ability to assist every one of her clients in gaining confidence and growing in their own skill set. Anyone that chooses to train with her will absolutely not have any regrets.

Kelly Minogue, RMT

Home: Testimonials

In 2018, after having recovered from two serious health incidents, I knew I needed help to regain my strength both physically and mentally.  Since they go hand in hand the way to accomplish this was joining Movati with my husband.  This process needed to be a family project.

I decided to treat myself to a “few” personal training sessions and was recommended to work with a young trainer named Kathryn.    A few sessions have turned in to two years of the best support I could have ever asked for. 

Kathryn knew I was coming in to training with a fair amount of “gym club” baggage, having disappointing experiences in years past.  Added to that was my own load of self-doubt and low self esteem.  I was a challenge for sure.

My goal was not a number of pounds on a scale, because I knew I would be easily discouraged and give up.  I needed to readjust my entire thinking process.  Kathryn helped me do this not only when I was at the gym with her, but also in email and text support.  She was patient when needed and helped me to question how far I could really push myself when I would have doubts.  She also helped me examine my nutritional habits and gave excellent guidance.  Kathryn is not shy about her own struggles, and her honesty is inspiring. Our sessions are always lively and positive.  I love that we can adapt to any limitations I may have and still get a good sweat going!  

I have now reached goals I never dreamed of having.  Not only physically but more importantly mentally.  Thinking back to our first meeting, I could not have anticipated how amazing our time together would be or that, four years later, I am stronger than I would have believed.

Kathryn has helped me learn to accept that my body is unique and strong and worth loving. I am healthy and grateful beyond measure that I have not only a PERSONAL trainer, but a cherished friend.

Kathy Rodrigue

Home: Testimonials

I worked with Kathryn in small group classes for over 3 years before transitioning into 1-1 coaching last year.  Kathryn is kind, gentle, understanding and no nonsense all at the same time.  She has helped me to realize how strong I can be and to push myself to see results.  Always supportive of you to see your potential.  Kathryn is one of a kind.

Colleen Gemmell

Home: Testimonials

Certifications and Educational Experience

  • CanfitPro - Personal Training Specialist

  • *IN PROGRESS* Coaching and Training Women Academy - Menopause Coaching Specialist

  • Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Certified Coach

  • Coaching and Training Women Academy - Certified Prenatal and Postpartum Coach

  • Coaching and Training Women Academy - GGS1

  • Exercise Therapy Association - Level 1 & 2

  • Precision Nutrition - Level 1

  • Canadian Center for Strength & Conditioning (CCSC) - Mastering Program Design

  • Conscious Strength - Kettlebell Fundamentals

  • Conscious Strength - High Performance Kettlebell

  • Living.Fit Foundations to Flow Kettlebell L1

  • TRX Suspension Training

  • DSW - Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise Design

  • DTS - Striking Fundamentals

  • Optimize Academy - Movement Fundamentals Seminar

  • University of Ottawa - BA Honours in Psychology with a Minor in Biology

  • Algonquin College - Honours Developmental Service Worker Diploma

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