Barbell and Kettlebell Weights

Become the Happiest and Healthiest you with
Coach Katt


A Bit About Me

I believe that everyone has undiscovered potential within them and I want to help you unleash all you are capable of. I will guide you as you develop YOUR goals and help you determine the path to achieve them that works best for you!


What I Do

I coach you through a program designed to help you reach and maintain your goals of being happier and healthier. Your program tackles many facets of your health and fitness such as exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and stress. Check out my services and choose one suitable to your goals and lifestyle.


Online Coaching

An exercise program tailored to you, your goals and your lifestyle. Whether your goal is to lose body fat, gain muscle, increase strength, endurance or flexibility, I will guide you to reach your full potential in a way that is effective and sustainable.

Nutrition Coaching

Do you struggle with knowing how and what to eat? Nutrition is not one size fits all. I will help you develop a system to fuel your body in a way that suits your lifestyle and your preferences, while achieving your goals.

*Can be combined with Online Programming


Virtual 1-1 Coaching

The attention of a 1-1 session from the comfort of your own home. Coaching feedback on movements, positioning and exercise selection through a tailored program with "in person" correction and support. Time and frequency built around your lifestyle.

Prenatal and Postpartum Coaching

Exercise during pregnancy and postpartum goes beyond exercise modifications. I will guide you through programming that is safe for you and your baby. Learn how to build current pregnancy intentions for long term postpartum health.


Hybrid Coaching

A combination of 1-1 coaching (either virtual or in person) and online coaching. Get feedback and coaching on your movements as well as accountability and programming outside of your sessions! Th best of both worlds when tackling your health and fitness goals.


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Ottawa, Ontario, CA